VIDEO: Chilling CCTV live footage shows Nepal earthquake as it happens!

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Nepal earthquake CCTV

Before you play this video, be sure you are not squeamish even one bit. The following footage is bone-chilling and shows what happens when a 7.9 earthquake hits a major city. The footage was captured by a CCTV camera located outside the Kathmandu Mall and bore witness to the following event. We all know, or maybe even felt the shocks from this massively powerful quake in some places. This unfortunate natural disaster has so far claimed thousands of lives and it sends a powerful message to everyone. We all need to take proper precautions to keep ourselves safe if something like this hits closer to home.

The first 40-odd seconds of the footage shows everyone just going about their daily routine. However, if you watch closely, you will spot birds flying away from the zone several seconds before the actual quake hits. Maybe they are right about animals. Maybe they can really sense danger before it actually happens. Unfortunately, some people weren’t that lucky and once the tremors hit (around the 0:43 second mark), it’s just pure pandamonium. The sheer power of this quake knocks down a building very close to the road and almost crushes some underneath it. Our heart goes out to everyone involved in this disaster and we hope Nepal and parts of India that were affected by this earthquake, recover as soon as possible. Check out the shocking footage for yourself and pray. Here’s a link to a dedicated article we did on the same. While Mahindra & Mahindra have done their bit to help, too.


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