You Do Not Need to Worry About Worn out Tyres Anymore, Presenting the Ceat Gripp X3

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Tyres are quite a neglected aspect of our bikes on the road, they are the first patch of contact between our machine and the road, they make sure you stick to the ground and ride without any problems. Two important aspects of any tyre are the grip it offers and the tread pattern which pulls water out on slippery conditions. Most of the tyres that we use nowadays ten do fade out with the grip they offer over a period of time, even though they may be still usable, they have to trashed because of the lack of grip they offer. Ceat claims to have solved the problem in their new Gripp X3 tyre.

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Using what Ceat call Dual Compound Technology, the Gripp X3 continues to offer the same level of grip in any situation, whether the tyre is brand new, worn out or even too old. The tread ae of this new tyre uses the new compound which is claimed to provide the same level of grip even after as much as 80% tyre wear, providing the rider with the confidence and stability during the whole lifetime of the tyre. These tyres are available with authorized CEAT Shoppes, CEAT dealers and distributors at key markets across the country. While they are only available for 100 cc – 125 cc motorcycles, for now, there will be made for 150cc+ bikes. very soon.

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Commenting on the launch, Mr Nitish Bajaj, Sr. Vice-President, Marketing, CEAT Ltd said “We are pleased to announce the launch of CEAT Gripp X3 – Everlasting Grip Tyres in India. With these tyres, we hope to create a new benchmark in the motorcycle tyre space. CEAT has once again delivered on its vision of making mobility safer and smarter every day, through Gripp X3. Gripp X3 effectively addresses the consumer pain point of reduced tyre grip as the tyre wears out and becomes old. With the everlasting Grip feature, the rider can now remain confident of riding on varied road terrains, no matter how new or old his tyre is. With an exceptionally long-lasting grip, we are sure the new range of Gripp X3 tyres will become the first choice for the consumers seeking superior grip that lasts a long time.”

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