Yokohama begins commercial production in India

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Yokohama India Plant Launch

Yokohama India has commenced the first phase of commercial production at its manufacturing unit in India at HSIIDC Bahadurgarh, Haryana. With a max production capacity of 2,000 tyres per day, the plant can be scaled up to three to four folds in the next phases of growth. The international tyre major also introduced the Yokohama Earth -1 Tyres, specially designed for the Indian road conditions for Durability, Mileage & Noise Comfort.

Speaking on the occasion Hikomitsu Noji, President and Representative Director, President of Tire Business – Yokohama Rubber Company, Japan, said, “Yokohama India has started its operation in 2007, and since then we were thinking the necessity of manufacturing facility in India considering import duty, inter-state tax matters and some other issues. Based on such market conditions, we have decided to have our own factory here in Haryana in 2012.”

Yokohama India is currently operating on 2% of the total market share. While tube type tyres still contribute a considerable share of the total passenger car radial market, Yokohama India is only competing in the tubeless market.

Takeshi Fujino, Managing Director – Yokohama India added, “Keeping the diverse road conditions in mind Yokohama Earth-1 will cater to most of the cars in B, B+ and C-segment. It is tough, to take on rough roads but quiet at the same time, to be able provide comfortable ride on smooth roads.”


Designed to cater to the comfort and economy segment along with S. drive, which caters to the Sport segment, the Yokohama Earth – 1 tyre comes with technologically advanced Wear Control Shoulder Design which are Vertical and Horizontal Grooves that reduce uneven wear and enhance quietness as the tyres wears. The Earth -1 gives better durability than its contemporary’s. The Centre Rib in the tread pattern helps to maximize handling performance and the Wide straight groves control hydroplaning on wet roads for improved safety and performance.

Yokohama India currently has approx 600 point of sales which also includes 23 Yokohama Club Network (YCN) across length and breadth of India. YCN is a specialized network based on Yokohama’s global philosophy to develop Point Of Sales to provide world class tyre buying experience.

Globally other than replacement tyres business, Yokohama tyres is original equipment suppliers to many top of the line car manufacturers like Audi, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Suzuki and Toyota.

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