Yamaha Scooters – Neo, Fino & Spark Coming to India!


50cc Yamaha Neo

Yamaha Motor Company, Japan had announced their intention of getting its global scooters in India, at the Auto Expo Show 2010 held in Delhi this year. And this intent is soon going to be a reality as the company has now finished the feasibility studies in order to introduce and make its models successful in India. In the initial stage, the company plans on getting a range of scooters from 50cc to 500cc to the Indian market to test the market response.The first three scooters from Yamaha which will most likely be launching will be the 50cc Yamaha Neo, 115cc Yamaha Fino and the 135cc Yamaha Spark. A select few numbers of these three models will be sold into the market through select Yamaha dealers.

115cc Yamaha Fino

Mr. Pankaj Dubey, Yamaha Motor National Busines Head, India had earlier stated, “We are studying the market to enter the scooter segment but we have not finalised the product line yet. However, one thing is sure that we will launch scooters in India. The feasibility study is mostly focusing on the model to be introduced and possible time to Market the product in the country and the feasibility study is expected to complete by mid of 2010. We are evaluating whether a model from our existing global scooter portfolio will be launched here or a completely new product will be developed for the Indian market.”

135cc Yamaha Spark

Now with the company having done all the research, we may soon see Yamaha scooters zooming on our streets. Honda has been making fat profits by selling its scoots in the country, and we are sure, with its quality and innovation, Yamaha too will do good numbers in the scooter market here.


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