Yamaha to Introduce 15 Accessories for the R25 Very Soon

Yamaha to soon introduce as many as 15 (fifteen) accessories for the R25 250cc motorcycle in Indonesia for both cosmetic and performance enhancement

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The Yamaha R25 is the hot topic when it comes to motorcycles in both India and Indonesia. The new 250cc twin cylinder bike, which was introduced in Indonesia recently for about 2.7 lakh rupees, has captured the imagination of motorcycle enthusiasts in India as well. The new about the new 250 keeps flowing in, and we are extremely excited about the very prospect of the stylish and performance oriented motorcycle coming to India. A specimen of the new motocycle has indeed been imported into India by Yamaha – you can read more about it here.

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In the meantime, more news about the R25 has come in from Indonesia. It has transpired that the R25, just like its smaller R15 sibling will be made available with a whole bunch of accessories. These accessories, in addition to enhancing the appearance of the bike, will also work towards augmenting the performance as well.

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While the specifics about the accessories are not out yet, first reports suggest that the accessories will be similar to the ones offered for the R15. Our friends at indonesiautosblog seem to have got the news from one of the senior guys at Yamaha Indonesia Manufacturing. The official said that while the plan was not finalized, there is a probability of the accessories being offered in a few months. The official also said that while the r15 was offered with 13 accessories, the bigger R25 may have two more accessories added to the list.

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The list of accessories offered will basically be the same as the R15, such as the Sakura full exhaust system, ECU remap by Daytona and Weight reduction. The Yamaha R25 is capable of producing a maximum power output of 36 PS at 12,000 rpm with a peak torque of 22.1 Nm at 10,000 rpm. The bike is powered by a 250cc, 2 -cylinder, 4 stroke, 8 valve DOHC, fuel injected and liquid cooled engine paired with a 6 speed transmission systems.

Source: Indonesia Autos Blog

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