World’s Most Expensive RV Sold In Dubai

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A RV (Recreational Vehicle) has become a need for the uber rich people around the world who want to travel in style by road. In Dubai, the number of millionaires spending money on expensive cars and yachts is very common. Now, in Dubai, this RV named EleMMent Palazzo has changed hands for a whopping $3 million, making it the most expensive RV ever sold. It’s no surprise for this city where the police department has its own fleet of supercars.


The RV measures 40 foot in length and has been built by Austrian company Marchi Mobile. On the inside, this extravagant recreational vehicle comes with a pop-up rooftop terrace and cocktail lounge, plus a fireplace, master bedroom, and underfloor heating. The master bedroom (with its own bathroom) and cockpit are actually on the second of two levels.


Despite carrying all of the weight of a large apartment, the EleMMent Palazzo can reportedly reach a top speed of 93 mph. Reports say the RV has a Volvo heart under its hood.

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