Woman eats 11 gm weed after crashing her car!


Remember those times, when your mother caught you with something that shouldn’t have been with you. Now, you might be a grown up, however, there are still things you don’t want your mother to know about and every time the show “Don’t tell my mother” is on air, you know that guy is your reflection on tv.

drunk driving

You might get away if your parents get whiff of your herbal habits, however, if the cops come to know about your interest in botany and how you love lighting up those plant extracts, you really have to worry about your tail lights and that exhaust which is constantly on the boil.

A 33 year old woman in Florida crashed her pickup truck and as the troopers searched the car, they found a bag which contained 11 gms of Marijuana. So the woman was handcuffed and the Marijuana was placed in the patrol car’s center console. Little did the cops know, the woman followed David Blaine shows regularly, she managed to wiggle out of those cuffs, and ate all of that Marijuana when the cops weren’t looking. The cops were so smart, they only realized the woman was out of her cuffs when they noticed her scratching her nose.

The woman told the troopers, she didn’t eat the pot, however, an in-car camera recorded the proceedings. For the amount she ate, at least her night in the jail must’ve been easier.

On a serious note, for our readers, please do not drive under the influence of anything that makes you feel like Batman, Superman or as some people are into Chhota Bheem these days. In that state you could bring holocaust to your family and someone else’s too.

Source: News4jax

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