Wiring flaws lead to 2014 Maserati Quattroporte Recall drive

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It has emerged that exotic Italian car manufacturer Maserati has announce a recall for as many as 63 units of the new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte sedans in US. (Click here to read our 2014 Maserati Quattroporte review)

The recall drive covers 2014 Quattroporte GTS V8, that could have “an improper Y-connection crimp in the alternator-starter motor wiring harness” a NHTSA document explains.

This potential flaw can lead to an electrical short that could in turn lead to cars stalling and in some cases, even fire! Maserati will repair all the cars in which this problem is found and these fixes will be free of charge to vehicle owners. The recall campaign will commence later this month. Owners of Quattroporte can call (201) 816-2600 to check if their cars fall under this recall drive.

The manufacturer says that so far, there haven’t been any issues reported with Quattroporte in US. However, the recall has been launched as a precautionary measure.

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