Will Hero’s diesel engine be the next big thing in motorcycle industry?

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Hero RNT Diesel Hybrid Scooter

With the gap between diesel and petrol prices reducing rapidly, the sales of diesel powered cars is falling down. People are refraining from buying diesel powered cars at higher prices. But what about motorcycles? Diesel engines are well known for their higher torque figures and better fuel efficiency. A regular 110cc petrol powered commuter scooter delivers fuel efficiency figure of 45 kmpl. A diesel engine, with higher compression ratio, would deliver even better numbers.

Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp understood that motorcyclists need capacity and power to haul heavier loads, but they also want the vehicle to be comfortable and fuel-efficient. To deliver something that would pack the above features into one machine, the company is currently developing a diesel powered, hybrid scooter named RNT.

The RNT is powered by a high torque 150cc diesel, with optional turbocharger. You can add an oversize generator as an accessory which, along with the diesel engine, will allow you to deliver extra electrical power for work (or play) at a remote site. The optional removable LED lamp in front of the dash can be unclipped and re-aimed to light up wherever you are, so you can carry on into the night.

Hero RNT Diesel Hybrid Scooter

The high torque diesel engine will deliver the required push to carry extra load while maintaining good fuel efficiency levels. Availability of diesel would not be an issue either as this fuel is found even in the remotest areas of the country.

So is it a something that we would like to see on road? Hell yeah! With the high torque delivery and better fuel efficiency figures along with higher load carrying capacity, the Hero RNT would be an instant hit, not just in rural areas but also in the urban region.

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Hero RNT Diesel Hybrid Scooter
Hero Motocorp RNT diesel hybrid (3)
Hero Motocorp RNT diesel hybrid (2)

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  • saif ahmed says:

    Hi Team,

    I agry what people are looking only their comfort /style know not milage are anything esle what you have prepare just give a good and storg body for better road grib , we find vehicle once fallen on the road are damage very easily becouse of all fiber body and very ligh gage stell and pipe which any how diesel give good milage .

  • Almost a decade ago, diesel engines were considered noisy, under powered and had loads of vibrations. But now, with engineers working on diesel technology, it is highly possible that low displacement diesel engines would make way in the motorcycle market soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to make a successful diesel engine at such lower displacements like 150cc?? I am not too sure unless there is some new development in technology….. also diesel is noisy, vibrating compered to its petrol companion, which are slightly unsuitable for a two wheeler to my mind!! but Hero must have factored them if a commercial launch is seriously contemplated… let’s wait & see!!!

  • Arun says:

    What sort of hybrid is it? Mild or full? or just an integrated starter generator?

  • Anonymous says:

    Definately diesel is the higher fuel efficient engine instead of petrol.Rather than this the weight of the diesel engine doubled in kg.so that one have to build the heavy chassis frame to carry it.