What’s equally exciting for Kimi as F1? It’s motocross!

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Kimi Raikkonen MotoCross

So what does Lotus Formula 1 Driver Kimi Raikkonen aka ‘The Iceman’ do in spare time? Nope certainly not hanging out with friends or reading a book (that would probably put him to sleep)- it’s not as exciting as driving a Formula Car around a circuit. So what does he do during the layoffs in between racedays? He goes hopping and skipping on loose soil astride a motocross bike.

Everyone would be well aware of his WRC skills driving for the Citroen Junior Rally team after he switched from tarmac to dirt trails. Few would be aware that he had setup his own Motocross team under the ICE 1 Racing name, which is now headed by Finnish Enduro Rider Kari Tiainen and the team competes at the Motocross World Championships. So on a general note, Kimi’s affection for the dirt track is a known fact.

Kimi Raikkonen MotoCross-2

The advantage of owning a Motocross team is heartily compensated by the 33 years old Finnish Driver. He could just grab a team motorcycle and go marking his own trails. “I have always wanted to ride motocross more than anything. It was my dream when I was a kid. The thought of owning a team has grown along the years.” says the Iceman.

From Formula 1 racing to World Rally Championship and back to Formula 1 with occasional bursts of Motocross madness in between, we could probably wish to walk up to him and ask if he’d switch to two wheels from four. But we’d rather keep our queries restricted to ourselves. Certainly don’t want to again hear him saying “Just leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”.

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