Watch This Driverless Kia Seltos Get Some Airtime But Not In An Expected Manner

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Accidents on the road are a very common phenomenon. No matter how careful we are while driving, being humans, we are bound to commit mistakes. While the majority of accidents don’t cause very serious or fatal injuries, that doesn’t mean for us to be any less careful on the road. Many times there are incidents of accidents inside or around dealerships, involving brand new cars either hitting someone as soon as they get on the road or the car getting rolled down a ramp. Very recently, CCTV footage of a Kia Seltos rolling down a ramp has surfaced, and thanks to the internet, it has gone viral.

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The video is from a Kia showroom from Kerela.

What could have happened?

In the CCTV footage, we see a ramp and the entrance of a Kia showroom with a platform raised at least three feet from the local road in front of the showroom. The car was initially at the far end to the left of the footage but slowly started rolling down the gentle slope. A staff member standing near the car tries to stop the car by pushing it from the back, but the car does not stop and keeps rolling down. Soon after that, some more employees try to stop the car from moving but none of them could get the car to stop.

Kia Seltos Rolls out of Showroom 4

The car then falls down the raised platform and still does not stop and runs across the street. Two of the staff members run after the car and out of the footage of the CCTV camera. How the car came to a stop is not shown in the video, but moments after the same car is being driven up the ramp and is taken inside the showroom by one of the staff members.

Could it have been prevented?

While for some people this video might be hysterical but in actuality, it shows the reality of the brands’ safety mechanisms. It is understood that this sort of thing can happen only because of a human error (not engaging the parking brake), but we should always take precautions. There were no fail-safe mechanisms in place to stop this from happening. There were no railings on the raised platform, the car seems to be locked as no one was able to get inside to apply the brakes.

Kia Seltos Rolls out of Showroom 5

This is not the only incident where road safety was at risk because a showroom did not have proper safety as there have been many such cases over the years where cars have even fallen from the second floor of a showroom. Even in this case, the car narrowly missed hitting any traffic on the road and no one sustained any injuries.

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