Watch The Upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 250 Twins Clock Over 120 Kmph In This New Spy Video

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It has already been confirmed by Bajaj’s Bossman Rajeev Bajaj that the company will be launching the ‘biggest’ Pulsar ever, in November 2021. If you have been living away from all things civilization, the ‘biggest’ Pulsar ever is expected to be the Pulsar 250 twins that have been caught testing on multiple occasions. If the spy pictures haven’t got you excited so far for the upcoming new age Pulsars, we have something a lot juicier with us today. Both the Pulsar 250s – the naked and the semi-faired one have been spied again but this time around, they have been caught on a video by Bunny Punia.

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Seeing them rolling on a wide-open highway has resulted in an influx of new information.


Before moving on to the tasty bits, let us get down with the overall aesthetics first. It is pretty clear by now that Bajaj will be offering its upcoming quarter-litre motorcycle in two bodystyles: naked and a semi-faired one.

Bajaj Pulsar 250 spied again

The semi-faired counterpart is being called Pulsar 250 before its official christening takes place so we are going to stick to that. The Pulsar 250F looks particularly bulky from the front, all thanks to its large headlamp housing which neatly integrates the LED projector unit. The rearview mirrors are mounted on the windshield, just like every other faired motorcycle in its class. The rider ergonomics look relaxed enough to take on long highway jaunts. It will make do with raised clip-on handlebars like the 220F. The rear-end looks smashing too and is unmistakably Pulsar with two vertical tail lamps stacked alongside each other but they look more slanted than the other Pulsars.

Bajaj Pulsar 250 spied again (2)

The NS250 on the other hand, looks quite compact and will appeal to those people who are more into naked roadsters than a faired motorcycle.

Enough grunt for long highway jaunts

Coming to the tastier bits now, at one point of time in the video, it is clearly visible that the car is doing 120 kmph on the highway and yet, the naked Pulsar 250 neatly pulls away without any fuss. It translates to the fact that the upcoming Pulsar 250s will have enough grunt in their top-end to perform such manoeuvres.

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Bajaj Pulsar 250 spied again (1)

It was revealed earlier that the Pulsar 250’s engine will benefit from Variable Valve Actuation so that it has enough grunt down there in the rev range and it won’t run out of juice in the upper end of the rev range either. As far as performance goes, we can expect it to hover between the Pulsar 220F and the Dominar 250. This new powertrain could come mated to a 6-speed gearbox with slip and assist clutch.

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