VIDEO: Watch Colin Furze’s hilarious new creation, the ice bike

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You might remember junkyard inventor Colin Furze. Yes, the same guy who brought us insane creations like a jet-powered bicycle and a scooter powered by a, wait for it, flame-thrower. He’s not just your average tinkerer though, holding a Guiness Book of Records for the world’s fastest mobility scooter, a manic machine that can ferry old people at speeds of upto 115kmph if it weren’t for their feeble hearts.

Well, Colin is back with his latest creation, and it is a laugh riot as usual. Picture this: what happens when you build a bike with wheels made out of ice? It would melt, and you will soon be riding on nothing but the bare rims. Well, if there’s anyone who can make it work, it is Colin Furze. And he does, sort of.

As you can guess, it doesn’t stick for long, resulting in a hilarious part where he tries to cycle uphill, to no avail. Downhill, on the other hand, saw increased speeds thanks to a combination of no traction and gravity, resulting in blocks of ice falling apart.

So Colin does what any (in)sane inventor would do: take it to a place where the terrain is colder than his bike’s wheels themselves. A glacier!

The madness doesn’t stop there either. Having wheels made of ice means that you have a perennially ready source of refreshing cold drinks on the go. Which is kinda necessary considering all the furious pedaling you will be doing for sure.

Now, if only we can get someone to turn this into a Kickstarter project. This and also this very important duck.

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