VW 2011 Jetta With BlueMotion ?

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VW India which recently launched their new 2011 Passat with BlueMotion technology which was priced Rs. 20.80 lakh for the basic Trendline model received over 100 booking in two days alone.  With the buyers interested in VW BlueMotion which helps the environment by reducing the emissions and keeps the smile on the owner’s face by increasing the mileage, the company is thinking over the new 2011 Jetta to be launched with BlueMotion technology. The New Jetta is supposed to make a debut in the second half of the calendar.

Director and Board of member Neeraj Garg of VW India said that they will introduce the new Jetta in the second half of this calendar year. Talking about whether the new Jetta will incorporate the BlueMotion technology Mr Garg said that it depends on the effectiveness of the BlueMotion on how customers like it, if people are demanding it will be introduced in other models too.

The company had also introduced a limited edition VW Vento in association with DLF IPL Season 4 priced at Rs 7.24 lakhs. It Limited Edition Vento features:

–  Plush leatherette seats with embroidered IPL batsman logo..

–  IPL decals on its body

– Touchscreen multimedia player: Colour touch screen; FM/ AM; i-pod control through touchscreen; Built-in micro SD and mini USB interface, supports MP3/ WMA; Built-in Navigation System; Interface for parking CCD/ RSE/ Bluetooth; NTSC or PAL compatibility

–  Door ledge that has a perfect steel frame with the IPL logo stamped on it.

–  Floor mats decked with the IPL logo

–  Cricket kit as a gift.

VW India to introduce New 2011 Jetta in second half of this year maybe with BlueMotion Technology.

VW India to introduce New 2011 Jetta in second half of this year maybe with BlueMotion Technology.

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  • Ivan says:

    yeah well sadly honda thinks they are some BMW or Mercedes in India. honestly honda is respected outside as well but no one thinks they're great etc….

    hey honda remeber what happened to ur jazzz ehhh it doesnt sell and doesnt sell inspite of a 40000 rs discount