Volkswagen Touareg Humps Porsche 911 in Parking Lot

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Parking accidents aren’t uncommon these days with cars getting powerful and a wrong press of the pedals being the culprit. Before we divulge out the details, allow me to warn all you 911 fan boys out there. A Volkswagen Touareg ended up on top of a Porsche 911 in a parking lot in Beijing, China.

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The incident took place a few days ago when a woman was driving the German SUV. The Volkswagen, with an automatic gearbox, slowly moved out of the lot in limp mode. The woman then panicked, thinking she came too close to the Porsche, and wanted to brake. But she hit the accelerator instead, and hard, launching the 2 ton SUV over the Porsche. The woman came out crying but she was happily unhurt.

porsche-911-crushed-VW-Touareg (3)

As you can see, the 911 was covered with a red cloth to keep the dust at bay. But now, the owner will have to shell out thousands of dollars to get his car back into shape. What do you have to say about this ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • anant says:

    Because these kids don’t give a sh*t to their
    multi-millions supercars. This kid for example
    not only owns La Ferrari, P1, G65 AMG, Gallardo, one-off Agera R, but also a jet and a submarine.