Volkswagen on overdrive gear in India

To further tighten its hold across segments in the Indian market, Volkswagen is planning a product offensive which includes sedans, SUVs and compacts.

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Volkswagen is planning to further bolster its Indian presence by launching more products across segments in the Indian market. This product offensive not only includes the trite Compact-SUV and Compact Sedan, but also premium vehicles in excess of 20 lakhs!

2014 Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen just lifted the covers off the 2014 Polo hatchback. The 2014 Polo, is however, just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Mayer, Director of Volkswagen India, was in an upbeat mood at the launch of the 2014 Polo. He stated that the company is mulling over the option of expanding its reach across the full spectrum of the market.

The automobile industry does, in fact, witness a Pyramid-shaped trend when it comes to volumes. Entry-level models will occupy the base of the pyramid, and thus denote the fact that their sales volumes are the meatiest. As we move higher in the prices, the sales volume falls dramatically.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf


In a nutshell, Volkswagen India’s plans include the following cornerstones :

  • A Compact Sedan – There is a heavy possibility of this sub-4 metre sedan carrying over inspiration and design cues from the Vento. It could even share many of the mechanical parts. Due to the sub-4 meter length, it will avail excise benefits and thus be priced cheaper.
  • A Compact SUV – The compact SUV has been witnessing good revenues since the last year. It would be foolish of Volkswagen to ignore this segment. Talks are abound about Volkswagen bringing in its sub-4 meter Taigun SUV. However, the Taigun’s price will remain an issue. A competitive pricing is a must for witnessing high sales volumes.
volkswagen scirocco facelift (1)

The Volkswagen Scirocco


  • Premium Vehicles – Apart from the above two segments, Volkswagen is paying immense attention to the premium segment in India. It is likely that they might bring in more premium offerings into India. They have already made it clear that the new Passat is headed to India. In addition, the Golf, Beetle and Scirocco are being evaluated as well!!

While the introduction of Compact SUVs and Compact Sedans isn’t surprising, the possible introduction of the Golf, the Beetle and the Scirocco definitely bodes well for the Indian market. Who wouldn’t want them on the Indian streets?

Source – Autocar India

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