Virtual Tour of Ducati Museum in Bologna Now Available on Google maps

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Ducati Google virtual shopwroom

The Internet is a great thing. But you know what; it’s taking the fun away from seeing the world. Virtual tourists have seen it all, and yet, they have seen nothing. In any case, for those who want to see the world from the comfort of their bedrooms, and for whom the visuals are good enough, a world tour is no more a far-fetched dream.

For those of us who crave to visit the Meccas of automotive excellence, and don’t have the time or resource to do it, Google Maps is fast turning into a boon. The latest addition to Google Maps’ burgeoning list of historical places you can virtually tour online is the hallowed Ducati Museum at Bologna in Italy. You can now walk through the galleries of the museum, appreciating the beauty of the all the legendary Ducati bikes, without having a to travel a centimeter or spending a dime.

Google Maps is now offering you a high-resolution virtual tour of the Ducati museum, a place which witnesses a yearly fottfall of more than 40000 tourists. Spread across 850 square meters, featuring over 40 historically significant motorcycles along with a whole bunch of other Ducati legacy, the museum is a motorcycle fan’s delight.

Just follow this link to witness the history of Ducati – from the Panigale to the Ducati Desmosedici in hi-res, as though you were visiting the place in flesh. Enjoy.

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