Violence at MSIL’s Manespar plant. Car production on indefinite hold

Added in: Maruti Suzuki


In a recent development that came to us as quite shocking, it has emerged that some violence took place between the workers and management at Maruit Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL)’s Manesar plant yesterday. Workers have alleged that the violence was the result of a supervisor making castiest comments against a dalit worker. “The supervisor made castiest remark against a permanent worker, who belongs to the scheduled caste category. When we opposed it, they misbehaved us even further and suspended the worker,” said Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union (MSWU) general secretary Sarabjeet Singh.

A worker source, said: “Right now work is completely stopped and we are vacating the plant.”

“There is tension prevailing at the plant. About 1,500 workers of the morning shift have not left the complex so far. If the management does not take back the worker, we may stop our work,” Singh said.

This unfortunate incident claimed a life, injured 40, got 80 arrested and the car production has been put on an indefinite hold. SAD!

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