Video: Watch this brave Delhi cop confront a belligerent Haryana politician for traffic violation

A Delhi traffic police constable caught a politician from Haryana for violating traffic rules and in turn, reportedly got threatened at.


Delhi constable viral video

Traffic cops have been oft accused of corruption but this one off incident might just change their tarred image, at least in the state of Delhi. A traffic police constable recently caught a politician from the neighbouring city of Haryana for violating traffic rules and in turn, reportedly got threatened at. The feisty constable quickly started recording the incident, confronted the accused, and finally, even got an apology out of him.

Delhi constable viral video 1

The driver of the Tata Safari Storme, reportedly a politician associated to the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) was pulled over by the brave constable after the latter noticed the car was having a political logo on the number plate. In the video, the constable can be heard telling the accused that the fine for the illegal number plate violation is Rs. 2000.

Delhi constable viral video 2

Further, the constable warns the politician that he would need to call 100 as the politician readies to leave in the car. The driver of the vehicle, which also features a ploitical flag near the bonnet of the vehicle, refuses to acknowledge that he is a politician and goes on to say that he is a public servant. The constable reminds him that as a politician he should be extra careful for following the rules.

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The constable is also heard telling the politician that he is in Delhi, not Haryana where such political tactics would work, and then goes on to add that he is not even capable of being a politician. Once the politician realizes his actions being recorded, he quickly apologizes to the constable and further addresses him as “Sahab”. The video later ends with the constable saying that due action would be taken against you while addressing the politician.

Following is the video of the incident:

What do you think about the complete incident? What punishment should be given to such law breaking politicians, if found guilty? Let us know through the comments section below or through our social media channels.

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  • Joshua Fernandes says:

    The police fellow also kept on threatening him is this the way to talk and behave ? Agreed the politician was wrong , but no way to push bully and threaten

  • hula says:

    My support always goes with underdogs, it’s our fault to let politicians bully public, and public servants.