VIDEO: Watch a Semi-Truck Jump Over a Speeding Lotus F1 Car!


Sem-Truck jumping over speeding F1 car

To create some publicity for the F1 season finale in Abu Dhabi, the Lotus F1 team joined forces with one of its sponsors, EMC, a cloud computing and data management company to break the Guinness World Record for the longest tractor trailer tractor trailer jump.

The Renault truck was driven by American stuntman Mike Ryan, and behind the wheel of the Lotus F1 car was fellow stunt driver Martin Ivanov. A special ramp was created and the the truck flew a total of 83 feet and 7 inches from its launch point, with the speeding F1 car slipping beneath it.

The truck landed in shambles, and seemed to lose an axle or two, but clever editing puts that right later on. Pretty pointless eh? But definitely worth a look and a smile- check out the video below:


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