Video: Watch an extremely rare Maserati MC12 shrink the tarmac at Goodwood

Watch the Maserati MC12 being driven like it should be at Goodwood. The MC12 is a rare and beautiful car, of which only 50 examples have been made.

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Maserati MC12 (2)

How many cars do you know, of which only 50 have been made? How many car manufacturers produce a road-going version of their race car, only because it is a requirement for participation in the FIA GT Championship. The Maserati MC12 was designed and built around the chassis of a Ferrari Enzo, however, the MC12 has a lower drag co-efficient, is longer, wider, taller and has smoother curves than an Enzo Ferrari.

The MC12 was built to signal Maserati’s return to competitive racing after a hiatus of 37 years. This car was tested by none other than Michael Schumacher around the Fiorano track, along-with chief test driver Andrea Bertolini. The body is made entirely of Carbon fiber and houses a 6.0-litre V12, that puts out 652 Nm of torque and 620 bhp of power. It has no rear-windows or space for a car stereo, but the way it sounds and how it looks, it will surely make the driver pen his own songs, which the car will sing around a track while the notes from the engine add music.

Image Courtesy: carrevsdaily

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