VIDEO: Volkswagen Organizes ‘Legendary Test Drive’ with 30 Cars to the Auto Expo 2018 Venue

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Volkswagen organized a unique test drive for enthusiasts and customers during the first public day of the 2018 Auto Expo. Europe’s leading car manufacturer, while not officially participating in the Expo, made its presence felt with its engaging product experience namely ‘The Legendary Test Drive’. The unique drive saw a convoy of 30 Volkswagen cars traversing a distance of over 30 km from Great India Place Mall in Noida to India Expo Mart in Greater Noida where the 2018 Auto Expo is being held.

The test drive experience comprising the entire lineup of Volkswagen India cars included the Polo, Vento, Ameo, Tiguan and the all-new Passat. Even the red hot Volkswagen Polo GTI was a part of the lineup and gave the participants a glimpse, and to a lucky few, an experience of what is considered the hottest of all hot hatches in India.


In addition to providing the participants an opportunity to drive its acclaimed machines known the world over for their superior engineering, Volkswagen also provided them passes for the Auto Expo.

Auto enthusiasts and customers joined the convoy from the flag-off point at the Great India Place Mall for the 30 km drive to the India Expo Mart. The cars started off from the Great India Place one after another, forming a convoy and driving in that formation at a steady pace while keeping a safe distance.


In addition to the official Volkswagen cars, quite a lot of Volkswagen owners joined the convoy as a mark of their enthusiasm respect for the brand they own, making the drive even more interesting. The convoy also caught attention of other road users on the highway leading up to the India Expo Mart, and several passengers in cars from other car brands were seen clicking images of this unique activity.

The Volkswagen Legendary Test Drive not only brought the entire Volkswagen lineup to one place, it also made it available for a test drive to those who wished to sample them. This provided the opportunity for a huge number of visitors at the 2018 Auto Expo to Experience Volkswagen cars first hand. Being able to test drive Volkswagen cars on the road was something unique for the Auto Expo visitors, as they couldn’t do the same with the cars showcased inside the Expo.


Motoroids joined the Legendary Test Drive convoy from behind the wheel of the Tiguan – one of the most accomplished premium SUVs on sale in India. And although we have thoroughly test driven and reviewed the upmarket SUV, it was a great experience nonetheless to drive the super refined machine. On the open, wide road leading to Greater Noida, the Tiguan, with its refined 2.0 litre diesel churning out 141hp of power and mated to a 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission, made it amply clear to us as to why it was a cut above the rest. And while it felt fabulous and very car-like on the tar, with its 4WD system, it’s fairly capable off the road as well. For those who want an upmarket SUV with uncompromised space, refinement, performance and a fair degree of off-road capability, the Tiguan is a rather fabulous proposition.

Here’s a video of the Volkswagen Legendary Test Drive

Speaking on the activity, Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars said, “The Legendary Test Drive will bring together the full range ofour product offerings from Volkswagen. Our focus is to provide a more holistic experience of ourcarsand to enhance the customer understanding of our productswhile further strengthening the brand perception.”

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