VIDEO: Unfortunate crashes leaves Guy Martin with broken vertebra, not to race in UGP

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British motorcycle racer Guy Martin

British motorcycle racer and occasional TV presenter Guy Martin met with an unfortunate accident just before the 2015 Ulster Grand Prix. Martin, who was riding his Tyco BMW, crashed on the last lap of the Dundrod 150 Superbike race. The incident, which appears to be a case of a tank slapper, toss Martin several feet away, into the mud and grass surrounding the track of Co Antrim circuit.

While initial reports indicated that Martin may have walked away from the crash with very few injuries, a CT scan at Belfast’s Royal Victoria Hospital revealed that the Isle of Man TT Champion sustained broken sternum, vertebra and ribs. Martin will now undergo surgery for the fracture to his back and has been ruled out of the 2015 Ulster Grand Prix.

Guy martin crash

Screen Grab from the video

The Dundrod 150 Superbike race was red-flagged post the accident and Kiwi Anstey of Valvoline Padgetts Honda was declared the winner.

Here is the video of the unfortunate crash. Source BBC:

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