Video: To go with our TVs, BMW will make tail-lights glow the OLED way

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At first they were curved, then they made them flat, then they thought of bringing curves back in the game. So while Television manufacturers have been busy cloning trends from the latest in Paris, BMW has picked up some inspiration from their confusion and decided to equip their future cars with tail-lights that light up, courtesy of Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Although they did showcase an M4 Concept Lights at the CES 2015, which featured Laser light technology and OLED tail-lamps, they have now released a video that explains the concept.

These tail-lamps produce light from a wafer-thin semiconducting layer of organic material. Both the tail lights and rear direction indicators feature OLED technology. The illuminated surfaces are positioned to produce a three-dimensional effect. OLEDs also take up less room on account of their thin size. Watch the video, the latest curved television you might be watching it on might just feel jealous of its more active competition.

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