Video: Three new Tata Nano ads on air

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Tata Motors seem to have sworn to bring life back into Nano’s sales. In its last TV campaign for the Nano, Tata Motors depicted a little girl’s anticipation and excitement about her family’s first car. Now in the latest series of the Nano’s ads Tata Motors is targeting couples. The operative word seems to be privacy and convenience. The effort is to lure couples on two wheelers to buy their first car.

The new ads, although reasonably good, don’t quite touch the emotional chords of the viewers. There was a time when Tata Motors’ ads used to be a delight – remember the ‘reclaim your life’ and ‘Kuchh log Sumo Chalate hain’ ads. This campaign isn’t quite in the league of its predecessors. Our impression of the new campaign is that it’s probably trying too hard. It manages to send the message across with the brand and product being made adequately visible but the it doesn’tt quite succeed in creating the emotional impact it wants to make. What do you think? Do let us know your opinion.

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