VIDEO : Short Science Fiction Film Inspires A Wanderer To Create One Of His Own

Motoroids reader Arun shares a short film which is inspired by Erik Wernquist's short science fiction, Wanderers. Full details here.

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We’ve all got something that inspires, pushes us to outdo ourselves, put in a 100% to succeed at any given task and achieve our goals. It can be a quote, or a song, or a movie. I’ve personally found solace in listening to Interstellar Theme from Tushar Lall’s The Indian Jam Project.


One of our readers and YouTuber, Arun, who also goes by the name GoPro Man on social networks, found inspiration in Erik Wernquist’s short science fiction film, Wanderers. The sci-fi is a vision of human race’s future expansion into the Solar System. The film revolves around the scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like.


Here’s the original video by Erik Wernquist:

You and I may not be able to leave the planet to explore the possibilities of space colonies and that’s probably not going to happen for decades, but Arun used the inspiring words in the film to explore the picturesque landscapes of our own country. Arun has been travelling and logging his journeys through his YouTube channel and he recently uploaded a short film that was inspired by Erik Wernquist’s Wanderers and his love towards Carl Sagan.

Here’s the video uploaded by Arun, ‘In Search Of Unknown Lands’:

“I am not sure if it’s Carl Sagan or the visuals of the film or the words of the video to which I could relate. I haven’t found that yet. However, I’ve lost the count of the number of times that I’ve watched this video. When I decided to explore Leh – Ladakh back in September 2016, this was the only offline video on my phone. With all this love towards the short film, I decided to use the audio from the original video but visuals from my own rides to create my own short film – ‘In Search Of Unknown Lands’,” said Arun [sic].

In case you were curious about the Interstellar Theme Music from The Indian Jam Project, here’s the video:

In Search Of Unknown Lands – Short Film – 8
In Search Of Unknown Lands – Short Film – 7
In Search Of Unknown Lands – Short Film – 6
In Search Of Unknown Lands – Short Film – 5
In Search Of Unknown Lands – Short Film – 4
In Search Of Unknown Lands – Short Film – 3

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