Video: Sanskaari Alok Nath plays Babuji yet again for the Datsun Go+

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He’s the one who smokes incense sticks, someone so sanskaari, he drives a ‘Rath’, not a Ferrari. He’s back again, only this time playing ‘Babuji’ for real. So in the new TV commercial for the Datsun GO+, the man who holds the record for doing the most Kanyadaans in India is seen hanging out with his like minded friends talking about cars. Although it looks like his pals don’t really approve of the topic and might yawn any moment, one of them is seen cleaning his glasses, while the other looks at him in bemusement. Even the voice in the background is surprised at what ‘Babuji’ has to say and keeps repeating some trippy vocals in an annoying manner. Something that makes home in your memory, making you hum it all day long, even when you try hard to shrug it off.

After ranting about how if you need everything in a car, you’d have to work your behinds off for 40 years to be able to buy one. His not so sanskaari son, played by Ayushmaan Khurana, enters the scene. He says something that clears the holy smoke in Alok Nath’s head and makes him discover new ‘Parampara’. On another note, we adore Alok Nath for being such a sport and taking the humor in his stride. A man capable of doing that, we think, has to be one of the coolest guys around.

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