VIDEO: Royal Enfield fan’s reply to hard hitting Bajaj Dominar commercial is hilarious


The Bajaj Dominar’s “Haathi mat Paalo” commercial has certainly ruffled many feathers. While Royal Enfield hasn’t replied officially to Bajaj’s veiled dig, RE fans have drawn out their daggers, pistols, and creativity. This particular video starts with the Dominar’s commercial being played until the part where the bikers display the flagship Bajaj’s braking capabilities, by stopping just short of the herd. And then, it begins.


RE’s fans managed to procure some footage where two people astride a Pulsar come across an agile baby Elephant on the road. As the little giant begins to charge towards their motorcycle, the pillion scampers for his life first, followed by the rider who gets off, lays the bike on the ground and sprints towards safety with his helmet on. We aren’t sure about the rest of the material, but the man’s infectious laugh in the background will surely crack you up and make your day.

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