VIDEO : Rental Ferrari Crash Caught on Camera in Canada

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Driving a supercar is very different from driving any normal car. It requires experience and any novice driver can total the supercar with just a bit extra weight on the gas pedal. Many accidents of supercars and exotics happen due to inexperienced drivers who can’t handle such expensive machines.



Supercar crashes happen frequently in some or the other parts of the world. The images of totaled exotics and expensive machines are very disheartening for some of us. Although the images post the crash go viral on the cyberspace, we rarely come across video footage which actually shows the crash.

Here in this video above, a person driving a rental Ferrari F430 from Exotic Car Tours in Canada crashes straight into the guardrail along the highway. Although no one was injured in this accident, the Fezza suffered damages to its front bumper. We hope the driver of this rental F430 had opted for additional insurance which can save his pocket going lighter.

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