Video: The New Mercedes-Benz GLA is for people who rest less

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The elements of nature are rather lazy, they take a million years to create a structure which becomes art. No wonder dinosaurs died with such an angry face, because there was no Monalisa they could look at which could calm them down, make them fall in love. The bipedal living beings who grace the planet today are rather restless, they can’t wait for nature or any other creature to create what they want and Mercedes-Benz realises that.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA is about to be launched on September the 30th in India and the German manufacturer wants to target the young and restless with their new SUV. In a build up towards the launch, they have released a teaser video, which involves a skateboarder dude, who stumbles upon a giant piece of vertical rock and then calls all his football playing mates to help him make the rock fall flat horizontally. As he makes himself busy with his skateboard, fooling around the large slab, his girlfriend arrives at the scene, gets along her Polo playing friends, a BMX rider, her pet reindeer and her flame throwing cousin. They later realise that they have been slowly chipping away the rock and have managed to turn it into an SUV which looks like the Mercedes-Benz GLA. Watch the video, our tomfoolery aside, it is rather interesting.

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