Ford India to launch 4 new cars within the next two years

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Ford Figo Concept Compact Sedan Auto Expo 2014 (38)

Cruising along comfortably with the success of their compact SUV, the Ecosport. Ford Motor Co has plans to launch four new models in the Indian market within the next two years, although it hasn’t been revealed which segment will they belong to. Alongside this announcement, they are also looking at increasing localization in the manufacturing process, which should help in reducing the cost of its vehicles sold in the country. In an interview with Reuters, Nigel Harris, President, Ford India, said, “Within the next 18-20 months we plan to launch four new models in India.”

New Ford Endeavour Launch in 2015

Amongst these four cars, it could be the refreshed Figo, the Ford Figo compact sedan and the refreshed Endeavour which should hit showrooms within the next two years. The U.S. based carmaker had said in 2010 it would launch 8 vehicle models, based on its global car platforms, in India by the end of 2015, a target the company is unlikely to meet due to the economic slowdown and sluggish car sales.

Source: Reuters

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