VIDEO: New Akrapovic exhaust for BMW M4 gets you 10 hp extra and divine music

New Akrapovic exhaust for BMW M4 gets you 10 hp extra and divine music. Check out the complete video for the eargasmic sound of this new exhaust system.

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Slovenian exhaust system manufacturer Akrapovic has released a new promotional video of its Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust System for the BMW’s performance oriented coupe, the M4. This new promotional video showcases the eargasmic, sporty sound of the new exhaust system in action.


But it’s more than just the sound that comes with the package. Akrapovic claims that the new lightweight exhaust adds about 10 extra horses worth of power at 5200 rpm and 16Nm of more torque at 2450 rpm. The setup also reduces the overall weight by 11.4 kilograms. The Evolution performance exhaust system for the BMW consists of a single-central muffler with valves and bigger link pipe tubes with a middle muffler.


Silence is overrated! That’s what Akrapovic has to say to promote its exhaust system. Here is the video of the BMW M4 coupe in action. Do let us know your thoughts about the video and the Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust System.

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