VIDEO: Meet the real life Tron Legacy motorcycle that looks stunningly beautiful

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Real Life Tron Motorcycle - 1

If you ever craved for the futuristic motorcycle that was seen in action in the 2010 sci-fi film Tron Legacy, then these videos would definitely make you fall head over heels. Designed by Parker Brothers Concepts and Evolve Electric Motorcycles, this custom made electric motorcycle is the closest thing that one can buy to the original model seen in the movie Tron Legacy. But all good things come at a price and so does this real life Tron Legacy inspired futuristic electric motorcycle. This motorcycle, back in 2011 (when this video was uploaded), carried a price tag of about US$ 55,000. It takes about a week to build one of these machines. Yes, this is not a concept and is available for sale already!

Here is the video that showcases the motorcycle in action:

The motorcycle received another variant that was dedicated to the law protectors. This variant receives two faux  six barrel mini guns, a Sheriff car like paint job and a printed Sheriff badge on the sides. Here is a video of the law enforcement inspired version of the Tron motorcycle.

You can find more details about this motorcycle and other products at the company’s official website. What do you think of these Tron inspired electric motorcycles? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comments section below.

PS: There are few new videos about this motorcycle but we cannot publish those on grounds of nudity.

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