Video : Mahindra Mojo’s Born for the Road campaign is fantastically executed


 Mojo Born for the Road

Mahindra revealed its Mojo Tribe concept, formed on the lines of HOG (Harley) and Hy Ryders (Hyosung) in October 2015. Taking it forward, the company recently opened the registrations for owners and biking enthusiasts for the ‘Mountain Trail’ through the Himalayas. Now the brand has revealed a fantastic video campaign. The cinematography, locales and music on the video is worth applauding, and we’d like to give full marks to Flying Cursor, the creative agency responsible for the video for carrying out a splendid job. The video has been produced by IKIGAI Collective, with Littil Swayamp Paul taking the reins of direction.

Shot predominantly in Rajasthan, the video uses a re-imagined version of the iconic blues track, “Got My Mojo Workin” as its soundtrack. Mahindra has used Born for the Road #BornForTheRoad as the title for this interesting new campaign. The driving concept behind the campaign is to “promote the touring ethos of the MOJO while capturing the essence of the perfect road trip.” The 3 minute 24 second long video encourages riding along with your ‘Tribe’ to go with the ‘Mojo Tribe’ branding.

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