Rest faster with these crazy Lamborghini and Bugatti themed sofas!


Lamborghini Sofa (1)

Everyone dreams about owing a supercar some or the other day. But for those of us who want to be in the seat of a supercar, but don;t have the pockets deep enough to afford one, these make-do sofas would probably work. Design Epicentrum, an interior design firm designs a number of luxury as well as handmade furniture that includes beds, coffee tables cabinets, book cases, chairs, wardrobes, couches, sofas, etc. The latter is what they seem to be keen on marketing.  The firm designs desks and sofas with the front and rear of the furniture that resembles popular high end cars such as a Lamborghini Murcielago or a Bugatti Veyron.

Lamborghini Sofa (2)

The only setback though is that the company is based in Poland, Europe hence ordering the set in India is going to be either impractical or expensive. Also, we’re not sure whether these guys have an official license from these carmakers to use their brandname on their products.

Design Epicentrum doesn’t just create these go-faster sofas though, the company is also into the production of Supercar themed desks available in Bugatti Veryon, Lamborghini Murcielago, or Laborghini Gallardo models. Other products from the firm include natural wood beds, natural fiber couches and chairs, bookcases, wardrobes, wool carpets and even wash basins!

Following is the image gallery for the Lamborghini themed sofa and desks:

Lamborghini Desk (3)
Lamborghini Desk (2)
Lamborghini Desk (1)
Bugatti Desk (3)
Bugatti Desk (2)
Bugatti Desk (1)
Lamborghini Sofa  (3)
Lamborghini Sofa  (2)
Lamborghini Sofa  (1)

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