VIDEO : Here’s Another Reason Why You Should Be Extra Cautious On Indian Roads

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A joy ride turned into a lesson for a rider who crashed into an Hyundai i20. As seen in the video ,the Honda CBR650F rider is initially seen riding well over the speed limit before slowing down as he approaches a toll plaza. He’s still clocking pretty high speeds for someone who’s riding in the extreme left lane of the road and that’s when the Hyundai i20 driver decides to turn left, without turning the blinkers on. The CBR650F rider could not stop in time, although he does manage to slow down by a fair margin. He, and his fellow rider, ends up having a relatively low speed crash.

NOTE: The video has been taken down from YouTube.

Who is at fault?

According to us, both.


The Honda CBR650F is a fairly powerful motorcycle and the rider can be seen clocking high speeds on the road


The motorcycle lane at a toll plaza is on the extreme left so it’s obvious that the CBR650F rider would go to the respective lane. But doing so at high speed isn’t a smart move.


The Hyundai i20 driver, on the other hand, did NOT check his rear-view mirror or use the turn indicators which led to the accident.


Both the riders were properly geared and thus got away without any major injury

How to you make sure you’re not on the receiving end of such incidents?

  • Always slow-down near junctions and toll plaza
  • Keep an eye on other vehicles (especially large vehicles) as some of them tend to halt before the toll plaza
  • Do not overtake from the left side
  • Use the horn/pass light to get attention of the driver ahead of you (especially the ones who drive with ORVMs closed)
  • Check your rear view mirrors before changing lanes and always use indicators
  • In case you find yourself in such a situation, focus on a spot that’d get you away from the threat instead of looking at the obstruction. It might just save you from a crash.
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