VIDEO: Going live on Facebook while driving claims a life and leaves three seriously injured


Blaming the authorities for everything that happens around us has become the norm. But not following rules and indulging in dangerous acts which we are repeatedly warned about does take a fatal turn. In the case of these four youngsters who were driving around in a Maruti 800 and just couldn’t resist taking their Facebook friends along for the ride, their social media addiction ended on a grim note. While three of them are battling for dear life inside a hospital, one of them has stopped breathing completely.


Listening to Punjabi music, where the lyrics talk about doing Bhangra after downing three pegs while music blares out from an open boot, the driver failed to pay attention to the road and crashed into a divider. When you’re out there on the road, keep the cell phone aside and pay attention to the task at hand. If music gets you going, keep volume levels to adequate levels and don’t zone out to the lyrics so much that by the time you hit reality and find yourself in a fix, it’s too late. Ask your co-passengers to behave if they are a distracting lot. You might come across as someone who’s very boring, but at least you’ll live and so will they.

Image Courtesy: Rushlane

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