VIDEO : Girl Passes Out While Driving in Middle Of Freeway; Cop Breaks Window To Stop Rolling Car


Here is another classic case of DUI in the United States. The best part is all the action has been caught on camera by a reporter from 10News. According to reports, the reporter noticed the vehicle on second lane on the I-805 in the Kearny Mesa area in San Diego. He immediately decided to call 911 and alert the police. But until the police arrived, he went and tried opening the door and also banged in the window in order to wake up 25-year-old Amber Dlaine McKinney Morgan who passed out at the wheel.


Soon after, California Highway Patrol Officer Sergio Flores reached the spot and rushed to the drivers side window. Soon, the car starts rolling down the road. After some futile attempts at breaking the window with his baton, the Officer succeeds in smashing the window and pulls the handbrake to stop the car. He then unbuckles her and his colleague takes her to the side of the road, while he pulls over the car to the shoulder safely.


The girl is so high that she doesnt even know what is going on. Another officer handcuffs her as you can see in the video. A student at the San Diego State University, Morgan had a big bottle of alcohol as well as other drinks inside the car. She is behind the bars currently and the authorities have set a $2,500 bail.

Kudos to the officer Sergio Flores for risking his life and saving the girl. He went out to the middle lane of an interstate highway where cars are whizzing past him at around 120 kmph.

Here is the video :


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via : 10News

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