VIDEO: Fueled By Everything series showcases the Toyota Mirai runs on Bull cr*p, literally

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Toyota- Fueled by Everything - 3

Toyota has come up with a series of YouTube videos named ‘Fueled By Everything’ about hydrogen fuel. The Toyota Mirai FCEV that is equipped with a hydrogen powered motor received criticism from automotive figures. But Toyota plans to change the perception of its critics by showing different ways of creating hydrogen cells. The first episode of the Fueled By everything series showcases how Toyota uses cow manure to create hydrogen that would power the Mirai.

Toyota- Fueled by Everything - 1

Toyota says that while cow manure contains plenty of hydrogen, it’s not commonly used in the U.S. to create the biogas needed for this process. Market biogas mostly comes from landfill waste, with food and green waste also showing lots of potential.

Here is the first installment of Toyota’s Fueled By Everything – Fueled By Bullsh*t:

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  • Jasir says:

    I think there was an episode of this on BBC’s top Gear, where Hammond drives a car fuelled by Cow’s manure. If I remember correctly it was more like a drag race with Cow manure and Human Faeces.