New details of Ducati Scrambler revealed in a fun video

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Ducati-Scrambler-Image-2The original poster of the Ducati Scrambler

The first Ducati Scrambler rolled off the assembly line in 1962. The motorcycle was especially designed to cater to the needs of the American Market. The Scrambler arrived in Italy a few years later, in 1968.

It was then that Ducati came up with the idea of using some of its own employees in the advertising campaign. The outcome was an iconic shot showing the now-famous “Franco and Elvira” astride this Ducati bike. The man, at the time, was working at Ducati as a test rider and the woman was working in administration.

Now, with the re-introduction of the Scrambler, Ducati decided to make a short three episode web series using stop-animation describing an imaginative story around these iconic characters about how the Scrambler Ducati ended up in the present day.


In the three episode web series, Franco, a man from 2078, is catapulted by a time machine back to the Woodstock festival of August 1969 where he meets and falls in love with both Scrambler Ducati and Elvira. They joyously elope on the bike, yet before the two can even kiss the time machine hurls them forwards to the present day, to 2014. Franco and Elvira find themselves directly in front of the fabulous “yellow container” – first visited by Ducati employees and then the enthusiasts who flocked to World Ducati Week (WDW) 2014 – from which they exit astride the new Scrambler Ducati.

The third and last video of the series, just released on and the Scrambler Ducati Facebook page, brings the web series to a close and innovatively reveals the lines of this latest Bologna-built bike.

The new Scrambler is no replica of its predecessor but, rather, a contemporary reinterpretation of it. This is no vintage motorcycle: it is, instead, truly modern, intended to be just how the legendary bike would be today if Ducati had never stopped building it.

The Scrambler Ducati will be officially unveiled on 30 September during Intermot 2014, the international motorcycle fair held in Cologne, Germany, ready for its subsequent arrival at Ducati Stores all over the world early in 2015.

In the meantime, fans can keep up to speed with all the latest Scrambler developments by going to or the Scrambler Facebook page and share the content through #scramblerducati or #scrambleryouare.

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