VIDEO: Close Call For Royal Enfield Rider As He Dodges A Head-On Collision With A Truck

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If you thought that you’re safe while riding on the correct side of the road, think again. This particular video was brought to our notice by one of our followers, Santhosh Raj Kumar, through Facebook. As seen in the video, a Royal Enfield rider is overtaking a truck from the right side, when another truck comes from the opposite direction, on wrong side of the road, nearly knocking the rider and the pillion down. The Royal Enfield rider managed to dodge the truck, and save himself from a disastrous crash.

Here’s the video of the near miss (Courtesy: HERITAGE RIDER):

The road, as they say, is full of idiots. While you cannot change the driving habits of fellow (irresponsible) citizens – like this moron who was riding on the WRONG Side of the road, in the MIDDLE of a Highway, at SUICIDAL speeds – here are a few tips to ride safely:

  • Be extra cautious while overtaking long vehicles such as trucks and trailers
  • Maintain distance and have a quick glance at the surroundings before changing lanes and overtaking other vehicles
  • Watch out for jaywalkers, stray animals, and vehicles coming from the wrong direction
  • Always wear protective riding gear

Have more tips to share with us and fellow readers? Share them through the comments section below.

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