VIDEO: Checkout one of the biggest scooter traffic jams ever

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Last week, Forbes released a list of most traffic jammed cities in the world and after years of suffering in Indian cities, one would expect to at least make it to the top 10. So did we finish in the top 10?

Surprisingly, not a single Indian city made it to the top 10 list. One of our Facebook follower gave the most funnily logical reason – The person who came to read and study the Indian traffic survey is still stuck in one!


I don’t know whether I should be happy that we do not come in top 10 traffic jammed cities in the world or be sad that we did not make it even after so many years of pain and suffering!

But jokes apart, cities around the world do suffer from massive traffic jams. In fact, in our neighbourhood, China, people lose nine days a year stuck in traffic jam.

Now, the video that we have found on YouTube just proves the point further. The scooter or a motorcycle can slice through traffic while car owners spend their time and fuel sitting in their cars. But the YouTube video from Taiwan showcase how this traffic saviour got stuck with its counterparts.

Checkout the video below and share your thoughts on traffic jams and ways to evade it through comments below.

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Source: YouTube via Daily News

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