VIDEO: Check out the Kawasaki J concept in this video

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Remember we reported in detail when Japanese bike maker Kawasaki unveiled the J Concept motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor Show? Now, here is a video that shows the futuristic looking concept bike in action.


The new Kawasaki J concept previews a new “personal mobility vehicle” for the future. However, the bike maker hasn’t yet revealed any plans of introducing a production version of this radically styled concept vehicle. 

‘The highlight of the new J concept is its two ride modes- Sport and Comfort. As must be obvious from the name, the Comfort mode results into endowing the ride with a relaxed riding position. In this mode, the front wheels separate out from each other, the handlebar moves up, the seat gets higher and the rear tire comes slightly inwards.

The Kawasaki J concept boasts of a new battery technology by Kawasaki that has been christened as the “Gigacell”. This new battery is a high capacity nickel metal hydride unit that might completely replace the conventional lithium-ion batteries.

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