VIDEO : Check Out The Insane Mode on The Tesla Model S P85D

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You may have seen the Tesla Model S P85D destroy Ferraris and Lamborghinis in drag races. All of this is possible due to the instant torque available right from 0 RPM and also a driving mode which Tesla likes to call as “Insane”. Recently, Dragtimes released a video where a Tesla Model S P85D owner takes his friends for a drive in his new car. He takes them by surprise by accelerating from standstill in the Insane mode reaching 60 MPH in around 3 seconds.


All the action inside the car is captured on a camera mounted on the dash. Since the video is NSFW, we recommend turning the volume down and enjoy the reactions of the passengers who experience insane G-forces acting upon them. A teen girl also drops her smartphone on the seat when the car accelerates.

Check out the video here :



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