VIDEO: BMW M5 Reclaims Guinness World Record With World’s Longest Drift

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The folks at BMW have done it again. The German luxury automobile manufacturer, through its M performance division, have made not one but two Guinness world records with the help of the BMW M5. BMW M and their driving instructor Johan Schwartz made a new world record with the F90 M5 by drifting for eight hours and 232 miles (374 kms).

The record easily surpasses Schwartz’s previous record for the greatest distance vehicle drift of 51.27 miles (approximately 81.5 kms) in a bone stock version of the previous generation M5. What was the second record? More on that a bit later.

Let us first tell you how BMW achieved this remarkable feat. To refuel the hungry 4.4-litre 600hp V8 engine at the hear of this performance sedan, another (read previous gen, F10) M5 driven by BMW’s driving instructor Matt Mullins would drift right next to it, while Detroit Speed’s Matt Butts was filling the extra fuel tank stationed in the boot. This extra fuel tank, using a custom refuelling rig straight from the aerospace industry, stored 68 litres of fuel in just about 50 seconds, all this while both the cars simultaneously drift along the damp track.

Now, coming back to the second record, BMW also set the record for the longest (water assisted) twin vehicle drift at 39.25 miles (63.1 kms). The refuelling act definitely reminded us of the 2014 Movie Need For Speed.

What do you think of this amazing world record? Share your views in the comments section below. Don’t forget to watch the video though, for this is the one you’d regret not watching.

Here’s a bonus video featuring the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of the new world record set by the BMW M5: