VIDEO : Angry Man Fills Wife’s Car With Concrete For Changing Her Surname


In other news, an angry man filled his wife’s car with concrete. Okay, we’re running short on news but we have to fill the space to earn our bread and butter.

Getting back at the story, the incident took place in St Petersburg, Russia. The man was angry because his wife changed her surname to that of a supermarket chain called Veniy to earn some extra money. It was a promotional activity by the supermarket chain where it promised to pay 50,000 RUB (approximately INR 57,000) per month to anyone who’d change their name to match their brand’s name.

The video has gone viral on social media and has gained over 2.2 million views since it was uploaded on April 6, 2017. In the footage, a man is seen directing a concrete mixer towards the car before ordering the driver to empty the load into the parked sedan.

The couple is said to be going through a rough patch. In fact, the wife reportedly admitted of being unfaithful to the man which makes us think that she should’ve thought twice before changing her surname because, ironically, Veniy translates to ‘loyal’ in Russian.


There have been mixed reactions about the netizens about the incident. We’re just sad that the car had to face the fury of the husband. The guy would probably be sued in court, now that his wife has “concrete” evidence against him.

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