VIDEO: Aftermarket shop FFTEC adds muscle to Mustang EcoBoost

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The 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost just got a heavy dose of steroids from FFTEC aftermarket shop to get more muscle than before. So while the stock Mustang EcoBoost delivered 310 hp of power and 312 Nm of torque, FFTEC has added aftermarket parts and retuned the 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine to put out 400 hp and a staggering 542 Nm! So what does it take to get that kind of power boost? Here is what FFTEC added to the stock Mustang EcoSport:

  • FFTEC Turbo System — Utilizing a small frame BorgWarner EFR turbo
  • FFTEC EcoCore intercooler
  • FFTEC Chargepipe system
  • FFTEC Intake System
  • FFTEC Downpipe
  • FFTEC Exhaust System
  • Custom Accessport calibration by FFTEC’s Calibration staff

Here is a graph that shows the upgrade in the performance:


Don’t miss the video here:

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Source: Good Folks at Autoevolution

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