Published by Videh Vora | October 30, 2018 in News

VIDEO: 2018 Volvo XC60 India Review – It’s Insanely Brilliant, Packed with Tech and Features

Watch our review of the INR 58 Lakh SUV from Sweden, the XC 60 which is packed with technology and offers the best value for money in the segment.

Volvo is one Swedish company known to make the safest cars on our roads today. The company had launched the XC60 SUV sometime back in the Indian market. We drove the car for quite a while, leading us to believe that this vehicle is at a different league altogether when compared to its German rivals. Since no car is perfect, there are a few tiny things that we hoped that would have been done better, that said, it is a brilliant car and here is our review on this mid-size SUV from Sweden.

Volvo XC 60 Exterior:

The XC60 although is a huge SUV but hides its size in a rather beautiful manner, the car has a squat appearance. Although this car has a 4 wheel drive system, it feels more like an offspring of an SUV and an estate car. The front end is a classic Volvo design, a camera is hidden in the logo in front. You get the signature LED headlights with Thor inspired DRLs. On the side, you get a bit of chrome treatment at the lower end of the door and around the greenhouse area. You get 19-inch wheels wrapped in 235 section tyres developed by Michelin for this specific SUV. The rear is very wide and squat giving the SUV a sporty look. The LED tail lights are somewhat similar to those in the XC90. The tailgate is power operated and can be opened handsfree.


Volvo XC 60 Interior:

Entering the cabin of the XC60 is a delight, the seats have been designed by orthopaedic experts with the aim of providing the best level of comfort. a 300 km journey in the XC60 backs the claim done by Volvo. The seats are wrapped in premium quality Nappa leather, one of the finest in the market right now. The dashboard gets beautiful wooden trims, however, there are some places where we feel the quality could have been better. Space in the rear, although sufficient but is somewhat lacking when compared to the Germans. We also would have liked a bit more under-thigh support and a recline function for the backrest. Storage space is quite good in the car and the glove box also gets a cooling function. A huge panoramic sunroof adds a lot of airiness and sense of space in the cabin.

Volvo XC 60 Equipment:

This is the area where the Volvo shines the most, it gets a wide variety of driver aids and electronics which make the car very safe for the occupants. Volvo claims that by the year 2020 there will be no fatal accidents in a Volvo car, looking at their cars now, we totally believe that they will achieve this aim. The list of driver aids include an adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, a heads-up display and much more. All the driver aids are explained in the video linked below. The centre console is a huge portrait touchscreen which can control quite a lot of functions of the car, making the centre console button free. The console is connected to a very nice sounding Bowers and Wilkins system, which is rated better than the audio system found in the S-Class. The front passengers get heated and ventilated seats and even a massage function. The rear bench gets heated seats, and individual climate control, the XC60 comes with 4-zone climate control. You also get a 360-degree camera as standard in the SUV.

Volvo XC 60 Engine and Performance:

Powering this XC60 is the D5 diesel motor, this 4 pot 2-litre diesel motor produces class-leading numbers. The engine makes 235 hp and 480 Nm of torque, accelerating the car from 0 – 100 kmph in a very quick 7.2 seconds. The 8-speed automatic gearbox works with a compress air canister which keeps the turbo spooled up and eliminates turbo lag. The torque available is very nice from the low rev range, the air suspension makes sure the ride is comfortable. Depending on the driving mode you select, the suspension and steering change their feel. In dynamic mode, you get the lowest ride height and stiffest steering feel. That said, the Volvo is not the best driver-focused car in the segment, there are other cars which do that better, but, the Volvo is not far behind them. The fuel efficiency we managed to get out of the car is 9 kmpl in the city and 12 kmpl on the highway which is very decent for a car this size.

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The Volvo XC60 comes in at an Ex-Showroom price of INR 58 Lakhs, this car offers exceptional value for money, bear in mind the car is a CBU. The car offers best in segment features and equipment, not to forget the reliability and safety that all Volvo’s offer. With this car, Volvo has outdone themselves and no other competitor can come close to it, if you are looking for a car in the segment, you can not miss a test drive the Volvo XC60. Do watch the review video of the car linked below and lets us know your thoughts on the car in the comments below.