VIDEO : 16 Year old Max Verstappen Crashes F1 car during demonstration


Formula 1 racing is the sport where multiple crashes happen in a single season. The F1 world champions have suffered crashes multiple times and have been saved by the skin of their teeth sometimes. Not only Formula 1, all other types of motorsports involve high risks of accidents. Even with all the safety measures in place, injuries are a part and parcel of this sport.


16 year old driver Max Verstappen will be racing against some of the world’s top drivers next year in the Formula 1 world championships. He will be the youngest driver to take part in this race. During a demonstration in Rotterdam, he performed some stunts for the audience. As you can see the video, he got stuck at one moment and the support staff had to push him back. Immediately after that, he crashed his Torro Rosso F1 car into the wall.


Although he crashed, you can pump up your speaker volume and enjoy the growl of the F1 engine.

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