VDO: Ex-England cricket captain Michael Vaughan "artballs" the Chevy Cruze


Remember Michael Vaughan – the ex-cricketer who at one point of time was the captain for England? Well the same bloke, after taking retirement from cricket, has now decided to take up to ‘art’ as his new profession. And he decides to create it with the help of paint-soaked cricket balls!

Michael Vaughan artballing

Michael Vaughan

Image Source : www.wisdencricketer.com

Yes, you read it right. Michael Vaughan is a now self-proclaimed ‘art-baller’, which if you haven’t figured out already, is a process of hitting paint soaked cricket balls on a blank canvas with the help of a cricket bat. The Englishman continues to hit these coloured balls until he finds an ‘image’ he is happy with. Doesn’t make much sense to us, but Chevrolet thinks otherwise. The American brand recently commissioned the cricketer-turned-artist’s services to make an art ball inspired Chevy Cruze. The process of creating the desired artwork is said to have taken eight hours of time and five gallons of paint! Here’s a small video of what it all looks like, with Vaughan himself narrating the story:


Quite frankly, we think Michael Vaughan’s compatriot, Ian Cook does a much better job at art with his RC cars than what the ex-cricketer does with a bunch of coloured balls.

Ian Cook Rc car painting
Ian Cook
Image Source: Gizmodo.com



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